It’s Official, I’m a Mom.

I have a six week old baby now, and guess what? It’s just as hard as they say! Here I thought (and desperately hoped) new parents were exaggerating! I’m a moron.

I’m writing my first post in the middle of the night, because my son refuses to sleep, which is nothing new. The little precious culprit is on my lap right now, staring blissfully at the ceiling fan while my sunken eyes gaze into the swimming computer screen.

My last Facebook post was:
“I can now function on 2-6 hours of sleep in 2-hour intervals. #sleepis4theweak”

And my dad’s girlfriend (bless her well-intentioned heart) commented with, “I’m so glad you’re finally getting some rest. {heart emoji}”

Does that sound like rest to you?!

I guess if I compared the sleep I get to what it must be like to experience the Zombie Apocalypse — to be in a constant state of panic for fear of being devoured — then yes, I get a lot of rest.

So now that I’m a mom I can be one of those annoying mom bloggers who calls blogging “work.” Mwah haha, just what the world needs, another one of those!

But here I am, ready to dazzle you with my journey of becoming a mom.*


Disclaimer: *The more sleep deprived I am, the less my posts may make sense.